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Spun pile is a type of precast concrete pile that uses prestressed concrete to improve its strength. It is produced by a centrifugal process with a range between 20g and 30g to improve the concrete strength comparing to square piles. It is less permeable which works to protect the pile from air and chloride, and not to cause the rust. This type of concrete is suitable for using in special conditions such as river, marine or high chloride soil. Reference : MS 1314 Part-4 Classification of spun piles Type of Pile Class Minimum 28 Days Concrete Strength (N/mm2) Minimum Effective Prestress (N/mm2) Minimum Cement Content (Kg/m3) Type of Driving Spun Pile A 60 4.0 420 Hammar Driving B 60 5.0 420 C 60 7.0 420   Standard Size and length of Spun pile Outside Diameter

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